• Posted on: 16 May 2019
  • By: BCMPP

One of the core services of the Midwives Protection Program (MPP) is providing claims and litigation management services related to the MPP coverage agreement.  Our claims personnel investigate, review, defend and settle claims involving many areas of law and are responsible for managing all costs that are incurred as a result.

A registered midwife, upon learning of an incident, act, occurrence, accident or demand which may reasonably give rise to a Claim, must promptly give notice to MPP.  Early notice is essential in order to preserve as much evidence as possible.  This includes, but is not limited to, securing of the chart(s), memos, file notes, encounter summaries, patient records, surveillance recordings, witness statements and any other evidence, all of which may need to be preserved and provided to MPP.  Ideally, such notice will be forwarded as soon as practicable (the next business day) after an untoward event or situation.  To ensure efficiency in responding to your claim, midwives should complete a claim incident reporting form which can be found on the Midwives Association of British Columbia’s website at  or by clicking here, claim reporting form.

All notices of critical incidents, actual or potential claims or receipt of notice of civil claims should be emailed or faxed directly to the MPP claims team.  Please do not make an initial claims report by phone:

E-mail Address:                     

MPP Claims Fax:                              (250) 356-0661